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Discover the scooter suitcase uYuni

A new way to travel...

Discover the scooter suitcase uYuni

A new way to travel...

The uYuni scooter suitcase is much more than a built-in scooter suitcase, uYuni is an optimal solution to the problems you encounter on your travels. The rush, the apathy and the boredom disappear when you travel with the uyuni scooter suitcase.

This cabin-allowed scooter suitcase allows you to enjoy the road as much as you can and do it your way.

uYuni is a feeling of full freedom. With the uYuni suitcase you feel you have wheels instead of feet, you feel you can control time. The loads in your travels no longer exist for you. You no longer have to pull your luggage...

uYuni saves you 70% of the time you normally spend on your walking trips.

You are finally free to move around the world.

Traditional suitcase versus uYuni

The world from the other side...

Traditional suitcase versus uYuni

The world from the other side...

Is it possible that the suitcase you have chosen can radically change your travel experience? In uYuni we know that yes, the uYuni scooter suitcase can radically transform the way you perceive the path that will take you to your destination.

Traveling over your luggage has endless advantages compared to pulling a traditional cabin luggage:

  • uYuni takes you, you have to carry nothing. It is a super suitcase that can hold up to 115 kg.
  • Save time on your travels through airports: Your time is worth gold, you no longer have to waste it walking through endless aisles when you can save 70% of the time on surfing the airport. Slide over your uYuni. Overtake those who pull their luggage and arrive the first to the controls and shipment gates skateboarding. Your suitcase is ultra-fast.
  • Check-in is over: uYuni is approved as cabin baggage even in the most demanding low-cost companies, so you can also forget the long queues at the check-in counter.
  • Do not worry anymore about your suitcase: uYuni is sturdy, comfortable, easy to use and it has compartments designed to keep your computer and personal items perfectly separated and organized. Doing your suitcase and passing airport controls has never been so easy and comfortable.
  • Have fun, feel free and socialize. Change the face of the security guard dog by a smile as you pass by his side skating up in your scooter suitcase. uYuni is a suitcase that completely changes your status at the airport. Enjoy the ease of moving over your luggage.
  • Take advantage of the duality of the uYuni scooter suitcase. Now you mark the rules, slide on your uYuni being the envy of other travelers or fold the skate and go unnoticed, as if you had a normal cabin suitcase.

Welcome on board

All you need to know - FAQ...

Welcome on board

All you need to know - FAQ...
  • Is uYuni cabin-allowed luggage?

Yes, the size of uYuni is approved as cabin luggage even in the most demanding and low cost airlines.

  • Are there different uYuni models?

No, there are no other colors or sizes. uYuni is a unique model, a suitcase with standard cabin bag measurements in black color and designed to add fun to your trips while saving you 70% of your time on the go.

  • Can it be used as a normal suitcase?

Yes, uYuni can be used as a traditional suitcase, you just have to close the skateboard by pulling the ring and you will have a normal trolley with which you will go completely unnoticed.

  • What are the measurements of the uYuni scooter suitcase?

55 cm X 35 cm X 20 cm.

  • Is it an adult suitcase? Can children use it?

uYuni is a suitcase designed for adults although its handlebar has two positions or heights. There is a horseshoe shaped part at the base of the handlebar, it is a lock that fits into the bar and prevents the handlebar from lowering in any improbable error. In the bar itself there are two holes in two different heights in which this lock fits, so there are two different positions or two heights between which you can choose the position of the handlebar. The position that leaves a shorter handlebar can be suitable for the use of children always adopting the appropriate safety measures and under supervision of an adult. Our user manual especially emphasizes that uYuni is not a toy.

  • What is the inner volume? How many things fit?

uYuni has a capacity of 26 liters and it is considered a trolley for an average of 3 days of travel.

  • How fast is it?

uYuni is ultra fast but for safety reasons we recommend you to limit your speed to 10 km per hour especially in areas where there are pedestrians or any type of obstacle or danger.

  • What is the maximum weight is can hold?

uYuni can hold up to 115 kg including both the weight of the luggage and the person.

  • Does it have a special compartment to carry my computer?

uYuni has compartments designed so that you can take your computer and personal objects perfectly separated and organized. This is especially useful because it allows you to remove your computer at airport security controls without having to open the suitcase completely.

  • What about the rain?

uYuni is waterproof, even its zippers are waterproof, obviously not suitable for submersion but you should not worry if a little rain catches you off guard.

  • Where else can I use my uYuni? Is it a useful suitcase to move around the city?

uYuni is an ideal suitcase to use also in your travels around the city, you can navigate the bike lanes. It is perfect for the long corridors of the university, to go to work even to go shopping, with it you save both time and having to carry your bags.

  • Why is an ecofriendly and healthy suitcase?

uYuni allows you to travel without using any kind of energy or fuel, just with the impulse of your feet. You will be able to avoid bags in your purchases because you can store everything in your suitcase and also everyone is great for a little exercise.

  • Is uYuni safe even if I am not a particularly skilled person?

Yes, uYuni is ideal for everyone, it is easy to maintain balance because the turns are limited to your movements and at maximum angles of 30 degrees. It has a pedal in the back so you can brake before obstacles and a safe at the bottom of the handlebar so that it does not lower if by an improbable error you press the blue button while driving.

  • Are there any recommendations or warnings that I should keep in mind?

The first as in everything is common sense. We also recommend you that you always adhere to the driving rules and warnings in our user manual. Among them we place special emphasis on respect for pedestrians, driving through areas with traffic, curves, slopes and other surfaces that may endanger your stability or the scooter. You should also be careful with automatic doors, remember that they are designed to detect the speed of a pedestrian but may not detect you if you pass quickly with your uYuni.

Travel together

Feel freedom...

Travel together

Feel freedom...

Let's tell you what inspired us to create the product that will change the traditional way of traveling...

Let us take you to Uyuni... At the highest plateau in the world, a magical salt lake at 4,000 meters height, the most luminous place of the planet where heaven and earth merge.

The place that inspired us to create our scooter suitcase exists. It is the Salar de Uyuni.

A place where you want to discover what is beyond and where you simply feel good. In Uyuni you do not want ballast. You do not want to pull anything. You just want to move forward, enjoy time and space; start running... scream... laugh... be free...

Or do you imagine having to carry and pull your suitcase in a place like this?

Well, you can let yourself go...

To your moment of evasion, of being up, of feeling free, happy, unique, without burdens...

You have arrived at uYuni.

uYuni Ambassadors

The offer of the century...

uYuni Ambassadors

The offer of the century...

When you are an uYuni traveler, you will see everything from a different perspective. You will be in the limelight and the crowds will approach you to know more about your scooter suitcase. This happens because they simply can not believe what they are seeing. From that moment your traveler status will change forever and you will also become an ambassador of our brand.

How do you benefit? Here you have the offer of the century: If 3 uYuni scooters are sold with your code we will refund you the total price you paid for your uYuni or give you a new uYuni for free.

It seems incredible, right? Well, it is a real offer.

What are you waiting for to become an ambassador for our suitcase?

Technical Specs

Everything you need to know about uYuni

You don't have to worry about the size. The uYuni is certified as hand luggage even for the most demanding airlines. Just enjoy your journey and arrive ahead of everybody.

Remember to write us if you have any questions or technical problems at [email protected]

Materials & construction
We use the high-quality materials, and the international advanced production technology. Scooter: made of aluminum to make the product lighter and stronger Wheels: we use ecofriendly pp. materials and PVC. Bag: made of nylon, polyester and PVC.
Technical Specs
Height 55 cm.
Width 35 cm.
Depth 20 cm.
Weight 4,6 kg.
Max. Weight 130 kg.
Capacity 26 l.
Max. Speed 10 km/h
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